Office of the Special Deputy Receiver

Representing Andrew Boron, Director of Insurance, Illinois Department of Insurance
Paul A. Miller, Special Deputy Receiver & Chief Executive Officer

OSD Mission Statement

The Office of the Special Deputy Receiver represents the Director of Insurance of the State of Illinois in managing all Illinois insurance companies in receivership. Our mission is maximization of assets, the fair disposition of claims, and timely delivery of assets to creditors.

OSD Latest News

Legion Indemnity Company - On February 13, 2014, the supervising Court approved a 100% dividend distribution on timely-filed and allowed claims at the policyholder level (e), of the Illinois statutory distribution scheme, in the amount of $12,997,272.01.

Triad Guaranty Insurance Corporation ("TGIC") - On October 29, 2013, the Supervisory Court approved the Rehabilitator’s Plan of Rehabilitation for Triad Guaranty Insurance Corporation (“TGIC”). Under the terms of the Plan of Rehabilitation, claims for loss, unearned premium and return of premium will be paid at the rate of 75% of the amount determined to be due, and a deferred payment obligation (“DPO”) will be recorded for the remaining 25% of the amount due. Outstanding DPOs, which were recorded by TGIC prior to approval of the Plan of Rehabilitation on loss claims that were previously paid at the rate of 60% of the amount due, will receive 37.5% of the deferred amount, in order to equalize those prior claim payments with the new 75% claim payment rate called for under the Plan of Rehabilitation.

Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company, American Manufacturers Mutual Insurance Company, and American Motorists Insurance Company - Information concerning the proof of claim deadlines and procedures for these companies may be viewed by clicking the following link:
Lumbermens Companies' Claim Filing Procedures

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