Office of the Special Deputy Receiver

Representing Anne Melissa Dowling, Acting Director of Insurance, Illinois Department of Insurance

OSD Mission Statement

The Office of the Special Deputy Receiver represents the Director of Insurance of the State of Illinois in managing all Illinois insurance companies in receivership. Our mission is maximization of assets, the fair disposition of claims, and timely delivery of assets to creditors.

OSD Latest News

Statewide Insurance Company - On May 27, 2015 the Supervising Court approved the Liquidator’s recommendation that a one hundred percent (100%) second dividend be declared on all Statewide’s timely filed claims allowed and approved by the Court for distribution at statutory priority level 215 ILCS 5/205(1)(d).

Statewide Insurance Company - Based upon best estimates and barring any unforeseen circumstances, the Liquidator expects that a dividend of 100% will be distributed by the end of the 2nd quarter of 2015 on all late-filed claims that have previously been presented to the Supervising Court and allowed at the policyholder priority Level D of the Illinois statutory distribution scheme. This Good Faith estimate is based upon information available and the circumstances known at the time that it was made. Before relying on this estimate in making any decisions, be aware that the underlying facts and circumstances upon which it is based are subject to change.

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