Office of the Special Deputy Receiver

Representing Robert H. Muriel, Director of the Illinois Department of Insurance

J. Kevin Baldwin, Acting Special Deputy Receiver & Chief Executive Officer

Good Faith Estimates

When the Special Deputy has a reasonable certainty regarding the timing and/or amount of a distribution in a particular estate it is posted as a Good Faith Estimate. OSD's practice of posting Good Faith Estimates is a commitment to the creditors of the estates we manage. This information may be valuable for financial planning and lead to more informed consumer decisions.

Please note that the Good Faith Estimates are based upon information available and the circumstances known at the time they were made. Before relying upon these estimates in making any decision, be aware that the underlying facts and circumstances upon which they are based are subject to change.

There is currently 1 (One) good faith estimate at this time.

See the following company pages for recently posted Good Faith Estimates on upcoming distributions:

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