Office of the Special Deputy Receiver

Representing Dana Popish Severinghaus, Director of the Illinois Department of Insurance

Jacob Stuckey, Special Deputy Receiver & Chief Executive Officer

Off-Site Links

The Office of the Special Deputy Website offers links to other websites for various issues.

  • To contact a department of insurance:

  • To contact the NAIC:

  • When a company is placed in liquidation, frequently there can be coverage provided for your claim through a guaranty fund or association.  To locate a website for the fund or association in your state:

  • Property and Casualty Issues
  • Life, Annuity & Health Issues

  • If you had a claim and the Receiver was not able to contact you at the time of the distribution of assets, your payments may have been passed to a state treasurer's office.

  • Illinois Residents
  • All other States

  • Illinois Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Association

  • Illinois Health Maintenance Organization Guaranty Association

  • Illinois Insurance Guaranty Fund

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